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Do you love your dog more than anything in the universe?

Are you tired of explaining to your friends and family that your pup is “more than just a dog”?

Some people just don’t understand
but we do!

And we understand where you are at right now. You would do more if you knew more. You want to provide the best life for your dog but you don’t know where to start

Here at the Progressive Pup we’ll share our information, advice, solutions, and encouragement To celebrate everyday the special relationship you have with your dog

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Feel Good

What makes you and your dog feel good? It is time to nourish your body, mind and soul

Know More

“when we know better we do better”. Training and education isn’t only for your dog.

Self Care

In order to care for others you have to take care of yourself first.

Fun Stuff

Who isn’t ready for some barking fun times. The world is becoming more dog friendly. Do more with your dog and you both will smile more.

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health and happiness.

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Our dog’s time on this earth is far too short.
Why not make them the best years possible?

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