Unleash your Dog's health and happiness one day at a time

Do you love your dog more than anything in the universe? 

Are you tired of explaining to friends and family that your pup is “more than just a dog”? Some people they just don’t understand.

But we do!

And we undertstand where you are right now. You would do more if you knew more. You want to provide the best life for your dog but you don’t know where to start.  Here at the Progressive Pup we’ll provide you with information, advice, solutions, and encouragement to celebrate everyday the special relationship you have with your dog.

Feel Good

What makes you and your dog feel good? It is time to nourish your body, mind and soul

Know More

"when we know better we do better". Training and education isn't only for your dog.

Self Care

In order to care for others you have to take care of yourself first.

Fun Stuff

Who isn't ready for some barking fun times. The world is becoming more dog friendly. Do more with your dog and you both will smile more.

Discover ways you can unleash your dogs health and happiness.

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Our dog's time on this earth is far too short.
Why not make them the best years possible?

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Becuase EVERY dog deserves to "have it's day"!

how not to train a recall
Deb Rischar

How NOT to train a recall.

Some people might think I’m crazy but training a dog to recall , or come when called, is one of my favorite things to train and trouble shoot. In my opinion it is one of the most pinnacle skills a dog parent should teach. First it should be fun. Second,

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Health and Wellness
Nina Spiegle

Farmer’s Market Find – Black Garlic!

Every Spring I look forward to the opening day for my local organic farmer’s market.  This means that until late fall, I will be eating and preparing food as it becomes seasonally available.  I believe that this is the way we were meant to eat. Every farmer’s market carries the

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RV traveling down the road
Sports and Activities
Deb Rischar

Planning tips for your first RV vacation.

My boyfriend and I have wanted to take “our boys” on an RV vacation for years and we finally did the fall of 2018. We’ve traveled with the dogs many times before but being in RV was new for all of us. I’ve loved camping and being in the outdoors

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Sad dog behind chain link fence
The other end of the leash
Deb Rischar

If you can’t adopt, 3 other options to save a dogs life.

April is Animal Anticruelty Awareness month.  How are you going to get involved? Every year my employer holds a giving campaign over the period of a couple of weeks.  It is a time of year that we reflect on our passions and the diverse organizations that we support.  One of

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