Our Story

Hi…. I’m Deb Rischar and I’m so glad you found our blog.   Pictured with me are my boys Chase, the Shep-radore,  and AJ,  the Chinese Crested.  They are my heart and the inspiration for my blogging.  Every dog that I have had the pleasure to share my life with has been a teacher in so many ways.    And there have been many.  As a child they were my best friends and my playmates.  But it wasn’t until I shared my life as an adult that I was truly able to see them for the loving, loyal, intelligent, magnificent animals that they are.  And here in this blog is where I would love to share with you our everyday life.

Naturally I am an introverted person, but a dog, well a dog makes my heart sing and I feel so comfortable with them.  They are honest with their emotions every second of every day and are so generous with their love.  If you reciprocate that love and affection,  you will have a best friend for all of their days.  But the total days in their lives are too few.  And I know there are things we, their guardians,  can do to enrich their lives, increase the quality and quantity of days they are here to share with us.  Join us as we share how we provide raw whole foods in their diets, plentiful and appropriate exercise, an abundance of play, engage them in learning, and sharing endless affection in an effort to break records and set new standards for the lifeline of our dogs.  

While all these things are very important as the foundation of good health for our dogs,  I’m particularly fascinated by their physical and mental abilities.  I am geeky about learning theories and love to train anything and everything.   Not only is this a learning challenging for my dogs but I first have to understand how to best communicate with them to be successful.  Next,  I love the form and function of the canine body.  I’m currently a student in the University of Tennessee/ Fitpaws Canine Fitness Training program.  I am hoping to support not only the working/ sport dogs guardians in keeping their dogs performing at peak levels but also to encourage the pet dog owner to incorporate a fitness program in their dogs life so they can slow down the aging process, avoid injury, preserve the joints, and maintain mobility late into their dogs years.  

In addition to a dog lover….. I’m a daughter, a sister,  a friend, a coworker, a teammate, a determined January woman, a “furever” student, an outdoors(wo)man, a risk taker, a dreamer, and now a blogger.

Thank you again for stopping by our little blog.  Please stop by often to see what we are up to.  Or better yet, join our pack of subscribers to receive  “The Ruff Times” newletter so we can stay in contact.  We can also be found on social media on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. 

Meet Deb’s Pack


Chase is the gentle giant of our family.  30 inches tall and long, 88 lbs lean, and he has an even bigger heart and sweet soul.  He is a dog’s dog and would love nothing better than to meet, greet, and play.  He also loves our time together whether we are training a new skill, out for a hike, playing tug, doing some nose work searches, trying a new sport, or cuddling at the end of the day.  

What can I say about our little fierce Chinese Crested, AJ. He is “the boss” of our family.  Telling Chase where he is allowed to go and what he is allowed to do despite the obvious size differences.  AJ’s personality is mighty but he also has a sweet, soft side. There is no way to resist cuddle time.  Getting as close to you as physically possible,  he would climb inside if he could.  

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