Working with an animal communicator

Using an Animal Communicator

What if you …

…could understand more clearly what causes your dog stress or why they behave a certain way in a situation?
…weren’t sure what your dogs favorite treat was?
…wanted to know what your dog thought about the new puppy you brought into your pack?

Well, what if I told you ……you can!  And it could be as simple as just asking.

We all communicate with our dogs in many different ways and they understand everything.  They are in-tune with your thoughts,  emotions, words and a master student of body language.   But how do we reciprocate and receive the messages that they have for us?  An Animal Communicator can be an answer.

An Animal Communicator, heck why not?

If you’ve visited the “About Deb” page you know that I currently share my life with AJ the Chinese Crested and Chase the Shep-rador.  Since the first day Chase came home to join our family he has been a sensitive boy.    We noticed right away he preferred not to have his head or ears touched, he was very cautious around unfamiliar men, and he is fearful of loud sounds. Chase was adopted from a rescue so there is inevitably some history that could be the root of some of his behavior.  I want the very best life for all of my dogs and I am open to any and every alternative modality to achieve that.  Getting the help of an animal communicator was not a stretch for me.  I just wasn’t sure how to find someone that I could trust.

September 2016 was the first time that I utilized an animal communicator. Referrals are absolutely the best way to find one.  Stacy Krafcyzk from All Spirits Healing came highly recommended to me by many of my dog trainer friends.  Please check out her website for a list of all of her great services.  You heard it here…..she is amazing.

The appointment

There are two types of appointments that Stacy offers, in person or remote via phone.  Our first session was done remotely over the phone.

  • In preparation for the session, we were required to send pictures of all the members of our family (2 and 4 legged).
  • It was also important that in those pictures the view of the eyes had to be clear.
  • Your pets will guide your session.   As Stacy likes to say you will hear what you need, not necessarily what you want.  That is why you are doing this anyway right?
  • Time will fly by.  I used a notebook to jot down things during the appointment so I can digest some of the information later.
  • It is also advisable to have a list of questions handy just in case your pet doesn’t hit on all the points you were hoping to cover.  I found it helpful to read those questions to my boys before the session so they knew what I was wondering about.

I won’t go into the details of our session because it feels like I would be betraying my pups trust.  But I will say,  wow!  Stacy communicated many things that would only make sense for my two boys, and in their “voices”.    Not one moment have I ever wondered if she is the real deal.  I learned plenty of new and surprising things, I shed some tears, and also had some laughs.  Some of the best money I’ve spent connecting with my four-legged best friends.

I’ve had two other communication sessions since then:  a one hour phone session and even a session in person.   I am still waiting for Chase to feel comfortable enough to tell me about his past.  Maybe he has “let it go”….and so should I!   Each session has been empowering for me and my pups, therapeutic, and insightful.   I already have plans for our first session in 2019

My hope in sharing this is to encourage you to think about alternative options for solutions to behavior changes and challenges you might be having with your dog.  I just love the learning experience and “keeping in touch” with my boys on a different level.  Please feel free to comment below about any great experiences you’ve had or additional questions.