Realizing Connection Through Disconnection

I had the best day yesterday! I must have really needed a day off from work, but it wasn’t just that. It was about the connection I felt with myself and with my dogs. I disconnected from the rest of the world and embraced our time together without any outside distractions.

I had taken a weekday off from work to take my girls swimming.  Our destination was a very nice canine sports facility just over an hour drive from our home. To make the most of the trip, I decided to rent the agility ring for an hour before our swim appointments. After stopping for breakfast on the way, we arrived at the facility with plenty of time for potty breaks and shopping for some new toys and treats.

It wasn’t a super exciting plan other than it would be Sage’s first time swimming in a pool. We play agility once or twice weekly, and swim 3/4 of the year at a nearby lake, so this wasn’t an incredibly new experience. Somehow though, the joy of that day has carried over and brightened my spirit.

I think what made this day so special to me was that I had set aside the entire day to just BE with my dogs. Connection. It wasn’t a routine weekend or weekday after work.  Usually I am rushing from one dog related activity to another.  My mind is full of to do lists.  My focus is all over the place.  This special day, however, was about us, all of us spending quality time together. No other priorities, no iPhone (except to take pictures!) no distractions of any kind. Disconnection.

I think we all need to do this more often. I know I do. We hear stories told of people spending quality time with their dogs when they suddenly realize they are about to lose them forever.  I spend a lot of time with my dogs, but not always without outside distractions.  I don’t want to wait until we get some bad news to do this again.  Disconnecting from outside distractions and connecting with myself and my dogs will be a routine priority for us from now on!